Every new year brings with it a slew of predictions for the up and coming trends. People have a penchant for lists and these oracular lists cover everything from technology, to color, to shoes. But where the confidence seems to falter is in an area you wouldn’t expect: dessert.

Photo courtesy of @GTPie

Foodie experts are scratching their heads, wondering whether or not cupcakes will remain Queen of the desserts, or if another player will steal the glory. Although, like any prediction, its impossible to know how accurate it will be in the end, rumor has it that the flashy cupcake will abdicate its throne to the humble, unassuming pie.

Photo courtesy of adessertdiet.com

For us here at Sub Zero, this is exciting news since we launched a line of pies in November 2011, reinventing the classic dessert to create a pie you have tasted in dreams but considered impossible.