While the “you get what you pay for” maxim often proves true, here at Sub Zero, we provide customers with a high-quality experience for a low price. With unlimited flavors at no extra cost, you can still concoct a taste-bud sensation without raising the price. If that’s not enough to satisfy your frozen dairy craving, no worries, the first mix-in is free. Go ahead and toss in come Oreos…or marshmallows…or mixed berries…or cookie dough. And with our Frequent Freezer Club Card, if you purchase 10 ice creams, you get 1 free! So, when planning your budget for the coming summer, leave room for the ice cream!

Photo Courtesy of Gaming Angels

Recipe Idea: Nickel and Dime Delight

Base: Cream, Yogurt or Soy Milk

Flavor: Cake Batter, Marshmallow Cream, Carmel and Strawberry (or Fudge Chocolate for you chocoholics)

Mix-In: Fresh Brownie or Cookie Dough or Cheesecake Pieces

Bernoulli Brulee

Don’t forget to pick-up your Frequent Freezer Club card!

Frequent Freezer Club Card