Our Steamers will make you re-think hot ice cream. With the same frothiness and body as a Cappuccino but without the caffeine rush, don’t be surprised to find yourself craving a steamy beverage in the middle of July. And unlike other beverage joints with only a handful of options, you can choose from our full flavor menu. So if a bubblegum and watermelon Steamer sounds like heaven, we’ve got you covered.

We make our Steamers with the same high quality equipment you’d find at a a fancy coffee shop. Starting with a cream base ( or rice or soy milk ), we add the flavors you want and then inject it with hot steam, whipping it into a rich froth that will make your heart melt with joy.

P.S Not available at every Sub Zero location.

Photo courtesy of ehowfood

Sub Zero Steamer Ideas:

Luxury Steamer

Base: Any

Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate, Mocha and Carmel

Fruity Steamer

Flavor: Coconut, Vanilla and Strawberry

Classic Steamer

Flavor: Vanilla, White Chocolate and Butterscotch

Quirky Steamer

Flavor: Vanilla and Bubblegum