Here at Sub Zero, back to school time is like Christmas! Instead of presents and candy canes, we get to spread the magic of science to students everywhere in the form of liquid nitrogen ice cream. And to us, that is better than Christmas.


Our cryogenic process sets us apart as a scientific experience in the world of frozen dessert and with that comes a myriad of unique opportunities. Our CEO, Jerry Hancock, believes that business is more than sales and revenue. The impact you have on the community is remembered long after the delicious concoction is gobbled up! With Sub Zero, our favorite unique opportunity is school presentations. We have developed an educational and engaging scientific presentation that teaches kids to love science and what you can make with science. We hope our legend will be furthering scientific education in the rising generation and not just the quality of our ice cream.


So here’s how it works. One of Sub Zero’s “scientists” enters the classroom wearing a labcoat while dragging a giant tank full of liquid nitrogen! After a quick set up, the “scientist” explains the chemical properties of the atmosphere among other things and then backs up the facts with real life science experiments. Once the short scientific lesson is complete, each student experiences science in action as liquid cream is transformed into a solid dessert for their enjoyment.

Students love the presentation and get to learn in an engaging, rewarding way, but don’t take our word for it!

“Sub Zero’s presentation is fun and engaging for students,” said Shannon Arroyo, third grade teacher at Westside Elementary School. “It teaches scientific principles in a hands-on and kid-friendly way. Science is always more exciting with an edible ending.”

“We thought Sub Zero was great,” said Annette Warnich, Head of Arches Academy. “It was even better than we expected–more full of science instruction, cooler demonstrations, and even our choice of flavors for ice cream. We loved everything!”

IMG_3402Did we mention that we also reward the kids if they participate in our reading program, too? All they have to do is read 20 minutes for 20 days with adult supervision and they get a FREE ice cream!

“The students LOVED the science and the ice cream,” said Eloise Carlston, fifth grade teacher at Arcadia Elementary School. “I think they were as amazed as I was with the speed that you produced three flavors of ice cream for everyone. They are excited to read 20 minutes for 20 days and get another taste of the ice cream!”

With Sub Zero Ice Cream educational presentations, students everywhere can learn to harness science in educationally delicious ways. To learn more about school presentations visit our website at and contact the corporate office with any questions.