On location with Nathan Osmond and Backstage Avenue:  Commercial Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago we were at the Sandy, Utah Sub Zero store, shooting a feature spot with Nathan Osmond and his crew for the show Backstage Avenue.  Backstage Avenue is a show that highlights up and coming bands, the who’s who of music, and the entertainment scene surrounding Utah.  It also focuses on Utah brands and innovative businesses, giving them a chance to share their story and highlight their businesses.  We had a good time with Nathan; it was fun to hear his stories about “Uncle Donny and Aunt Marie”, as well as talk about the history of the Grand Ole’ Opry and how country music “chose” him.  He was a personable and great guy to meet.  We also had the chance to tell him about all the different options Sub Zero offers, from pies, smoothies, shakes, ice cream, catering, educational presentations, and telling a little of our history and the exciting 10 year anniversary of our company.

We had some fun demonstrating our unique, patented process in a commercial with a fun character, “Dr. Freeze”!  It’s always fun to get a glimpse into the world of TV production, from the boom mic to the camera angles and the multiple video takes saying the same line with different inflection and volume to make sure they have enough material to work with for a quality finished product.  After editing and polishing, we’re excited to see what the finished product will be, and we’ll be sure to share it with you on our social media pages.