February heralds Valentine’s Day, with Cupid up to his old antics, shooting his arrows and drumming up romance wherever he can.  Whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or were missed by his poor aim, we have the perfect treat to celebrate your love or drown your sorrows.

A gourmet ice cream creation of White Chocolate and Raspberry flavor with fresh chocolate Brownies, tart sweet Cheesecake bites, and morsels of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, frozen with our patented process right before your eyes, should be just the trick to harness those emotions and make your month perfect!

Don’t leave your fate up to stupid Cupid’s hit or miss arrow; either way you can enjoy bliss and harmony with our perfect Valentine’s day creation in February’s Sensation of the Month!  Yum! Come get one before February’s magic is gone.stupidcupid-01