The science behind liquid nitrogen ice cream goes beyond combining chemicals. At Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt, the process of mixing the cream with liquid nitrogen is just as unique as the delicious frozen treat. Instead of using machinery to blend the ingredients, Sub Zero hand-mixes each ingredient to create a dense, premium ice cream product.

While most liquid nitrogen ice cream companies use electric mixers to whip the cream, Sub Zero has developed a handcrafted technique that incorporates less air. With less air or “overrun” in the ice cream, the finishing product is richer and considered premium in the ice cream industry. Sub Zero’s unique way of interacting the nitrogen with the cream results in less than 15 percent “overrun” and a high quality, premium product.

“Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt is dedicated to bringing the best product to each customer,” said Jerry Hancock, CEO of Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt. “By individually hand-mixing each order, our customers receive a product that is low in air and high in density and richness.”

The most impressive part of liquid nitrogen ice cream is the science experiment that occurs before your eyes. With electric mixers, the magic goes unseen and remains a mystery. At Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt, each customer experiences the magic first-hand while their treat is made before their eyes.

Another unique thing about Sub Zero’s liquid nitrogen process is the ice cream options. Sub Zero believes in providing suggestions and letting the customer make decisions. With over 34 trillion flavor combinations, the customer can get a different flavor every time instead of choosing from the same 10 flavors.

“Since we freeze our ice cream in individual batches, we are able to provide any mix of flavors to each customer,” said Mary Oliphant, Operations Director for Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt. “We don’t have to worry that other customers won’t like certain flavors and we don’t have any wasted product.”

As liquid nitrogen ice cream becomes the new trend of the industry, Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt goes beyond conventional mixing to produce high-quality ice cream, custom-made for each customer. Watch our unique process below. Enjoy!